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Ingram aims for seamless warehouse move

Ingram Micro expects a smooth transition to a new South Auckland warehouse next month.

The distributor, dogged by recent problems with the deployment of its new website, says there won’t be issues reminiscent of the last time it shifted warehouses, because it is only moving one kilometre to a purpose-built facility in Manukau City.

“In 2005, the last time we moved, we went from one end of Auckland to the other and about three quarters of the staff changed,” says managing director Gary Bigwood. “Last time around it was a bit of a drama.”

In June, 2005 it moved from the former Tech Pacific site in Albany, which it acquired, to the south Auckland facility. At the time, resellers told Reseller News orders weren’t being processed or were getting lost, with one labelling the situation a shambles.

“We’re not expecting any issues this time,” says Bigwood. “This will be my third warehouse move [with Ingram Micro], the one before last was in 1988 and we moved about one kilometre from Rothwell Ave to Bush Rd in Albany. Customers said they couldn’t believe they had missed [the move] because it was so seamless.”

Bigwood says the move has been planned since January last year, and plans for the purpose build were signed off midway through last year.

He says the move was prompted because the landlord company wanted its building back.

“We didn’t want to move far. We wanted to be in the same area because staff are our most vital asset for the warehouse and we didn’t want any staff changes.”

The current premises is more than 30 years old and Bigwood says it had to make a lot of compromises to accommodate its operation there, because it had to work within the restrictions of the building’s layout. However, the purpose build means it has “started with a clean sheet of paper”, he says.

“We can improve productivity and make systems flow more smoothly,” he says. “We expect big improvements in how the products flow out of the warehouse.”

The distributor will be able to hold more stock and expand as more agencies are added, he says.

“We have not outgrown where we are, but in terms of how future growth goes [the current site] was going to become a limiting factor.”

Ingram plans to make the move over two weekends - 1-2 May and 8-9 May. The week in between will be spent operating across both sites.

On the first weekend it plans to move stock it holds in bulk, with the rest moved the following weekend.