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Enlighten Designs on expansion trail

Hamilton-based web design company Enlighten Designs has expanded into Auckland due to customer demand in the region.

The company is hiring new staff in Auckland and Hamilton and is using a mix of Auckland and Hamilton-based staff to populate the new premises, which will be part of Axon’s site in central Auckland.

Enlighten CEO Damon Kelly says the company has been growing its staff numbers and turnover by about 40 percent year on year, and the number of staff it recruits in Auckland will depend on customer demand.

“The primary reason we are now looking at an Auckland branch is because of a greater demand from our customers to spend more time co-located with them,” says Kelly. He says it planned last year to open a branch in Wellington but decided there was greater demand from Auckland customers.

Kelly says working from Axon’s offices was an extension of the relationship between the two companies.

“We have worked together since 2007 primarily on SharePoint, .Net development and web development projects,” Kelly says. The companies have been joint winners of Microsoft’s local Partnering Award of the Year for the past two years.

Axon marketing and services development manager James Walls agrees Enlighten’s move is a natural extension of the partnership. “From our point of view it’s an endorsement of them and that we share a similar ethic. We’ve found that being associated with each other and working together has strengthened business for both of us.”

Enlighten staff have previously worked from Axon’s site when the two firms have collaborated in the past, says Walls.

In about two months, Enlighten is set to move to new headquarters in Hamilton, where it aims to grow staff numbers from 50 to about 80. The current site is 242 square metres, with the new site at 1000 square metres.

The company has also submitted eight entries into Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Awards this year, the winners of which will be announced in July. It was established in 1998.