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POD roadshow capitalises on efficiency drive

HP held POD (performance optimised datacentre) roadshows for partners, hosters and customers in Auckland and Wellington in late April to tap into demand for organisational efficiency resulting from last year’s economic downturn.

The POD is HP’s offering in the containerised datacentre space.

“There’s been quite a bit of datacentre activity at the moment,” says enterprise storage country manager Jeff Healey. “Most businesses are looking at their costs and asking the question, do I need to build or own a datacentre? Do I have enough capacity or will it become a problem in the future?

“The recession has forced a lot of companies into this thinking and planning mode, because they haven’t been doing a lot of spending.”

Healey says analyst firm IDC predicts containerised datacentres will grow to become a “substantial” market.

He adds some of its larger partners are considering using containerised datacentres as a service to their customers.

Another driver for adoption is increased cooperation in the disaster recovery (DR) area, he says. “Organisations are considering shared or regionally-based DR because medium sized companies can’t afford to buy a DR facility. I’ve seen a lot of this in the past nine months with collaboration between CIOs and organisations talking to each other, not just their reseller or their vendor.”

HP offers partners the support of EYP Mission Critical Facilities, the datacentre design company it acquired in 2007, says Healey.

The vendor provides 20 and 40 foot versions of the POD, with costs varying depending on equipment and features required.