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Active Communications becomes AVST APAC distributor

Applied Voice and Speech Technologies (AVST) and Active Communications have signed an Asia Pacific master distribution agreement for a range of AVST products including CallXpress.

According to Active Communications, the new relationship signals a commitment from both companies to deliver scalable and tailored UC solutions to customers across the enterprise.

The company is now recruiting PBX resellers and IT and T integrators who are interested in augmenting their offerings with UC.

Active Communications CEO Paul Baxter says the market is in a state of flux and moving rapidly away from traditional telecommunications to integrated information technology and telecommunication.

“There are huge opportunities for our growing channel network. Voice and data were run as separate departments; now the move is to data managing it all. There are ramifications across the business for direction, strategies and budgets. And there’s more to the new voice world than simply saving money by ditching a few telco lines,” he says.