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Integral's Axon buy an opportunity: Maclean CEO

The recent acquisition of Axon by Integral will be good for the industry, says Maclean Computing CEO Chris Maclean.

In a media statement setting out his views on the acquisition, Maclean says he sees opportunities opening up for companies like Maclean Computing in the mid-market as a result.

Maclean also sees the emergence of a new player in the "enterprise end of town" opening up increased opportunities for those companies, like Maclean Computing, specialising in the small to medium enterprise market.

Maclean says that, in his experience, the needs and focuses of the Enterprise and SME market segments are different. Small and mid-sized companies, he says, are intensely focused on speed and quality of service, flexibility and innovation.

"They're often fast-growing companies — and because of that growth they absolutely need to be nimble and able to respond to changes in their business as and when they happen. So they value flexibility and speed of response enormously. We're also finding they're increasingly attracted to hosted solutions that give them the flexibility to scale rapidly as demand requires without big capex investment.

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