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IT vacancies lacking descriptions: recruiter

Local IT firms could get better productivity out of new employees if they improved on their position descriptions and induction processes, says a local IT recruitment company.

Nine of 10 vacancy requirements that come to Recruit IT don’t actually have a job description, says Wellington-based John Wyatt, director of Recruit IT. In many cases, information about the position is contained in less than 10 words, he says.

This isn’t so much of a problem to the recruitment company, which often knows its clients well enough to be able to identify the technical and “softer” skills required for the role. But for candidates, detailed job descriptions would be beneficial, says Wyatt.

A job description shows a good element of forward planning, he says. It means that an organisation has sat down and determined what its needs are going forward and, based on that, created a position description.

“To a candidate, that markets the organisation well,” he says.

A job description can also be used as a competitive advantage. If a candidate is looking at several positions, they may be more likely to go for a role where they know what they are in for. Employers stand to gain from this from a productivity point-of-view as well, he says.

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