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AVG distributor goes live with local website

AVG (AU/NZ) is offering local resellers and users the ability to transact in New Zealand dollars through a new website,, and the new AVG Reseller Centre portal.

Reseller News reported the impending move in April, when ANZ marketing manager Lloyd Borrett said it was planning to go live with the portal soon.

“It will help local partners to transact properly, rather than having to make calculations using the exchange rate,” Borrett said at the time. “Now there will be set pricing so when the Australian pricing changes, the New Zealand pricing will change too.”

Peter Cameron, AVG (AU/NZ) managing director Peter Cameron sayd, “We want to ensure Kiwis have the easiest possible access to their anti-virus and internet security software and can stay protected from cyber criminals without having to battle with the vagaries of currency exchange.”

AVG has recently recruited additional staff to support the New Zealand market, says Cameron, adding the company wants to recruit new resellers, train them and keep them up to date on security issues through regular newsletters, bulletins and webinars.