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Bluecoat on drive to recruit authorised partners

Security vendor Bluecoat wants to add more authorised partners - those that fall outside its Channel Advantage Programme (CAP) - as part of a newly-formalised distribution strategy.

ANZ managing director Rajeev Mitroo says the recruitment of authorised partners is the third of three pillars that make up the new strategy. These partners may sell only one of Blue Coat’s offerings, such as wide area network [WAN] optimisation, secure web gateways and application performance products, and aren’t required to meet revenue thresholds.

“The first pillar is around our order administration, service level agreements and accuracy of distributor fulfilment activities,” he says. The second pillar involves education, communication and training, he says.

“[Authorised] partners...don’t want to sign up to CAP because it has some revenue requirements. Elite partners [in CAP] need to achieve NZ$1 million worth of revenue per annum, and Premier partners must achieve $250,000- $500,000 per annum.”

Mitroo doesn’t have a specific number of authorised partners he wants to recruit.

“If I can achieve geographic coverage and line of business coverage through a partner in each geography then I’ll be happy.”

Over time, authorised partners will be offered the chance to join CAP, says Mitroo.

“We’re not putting pressure on authorised partners to join because Blue Coat is often not their core business. They can get to know us and bring on more products if they wish.”

He says it wants more authorised partners because some are undertaking SAP and Oracle implementations in conjunction with Bluecoat products.

“For example, some are putting down enterprise-based application solutions on a pre-existing WANs and they have no idea what is running on that network. They’re interested in applying our WAN optimisation as this helps mitigate the risk for them.”

Bluecoat is in talks with its distributors about establishing the three pillars of the distribution strategy.

The formalisation process was outlined at its quarterly business update held in Sydney last month and it plans a second update there in August.

The vendor currently operates a two-tier sales model where it sells through distributors, that in turn sell through Channel Advantage partners. Local companies who are in the Channel Advantage Programme (CAP) include Datacom, Gen-i, Asnet, Fujitsu and Dell.

Blue Coat also has what it calls authorised partners who are not part of CAP as they sell only one of Blue Coat’s offerings. These include wide area network [WAN] optimisation, secure web gateways and application performance.

Mitroo says it is still in talks with distributors, including Datastor, about establishing what he calls the three pillars of distribution.

He adds the vendor is experiencing 30 percent year on year ANZ revenue growth due to increased adoption of its offerings.