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Maclean Computing to revamp branding

Systems integrator Maclean Computing is set to unveil a new logo and tagline after 16 years in operation.

The company’s tagline is changing from `improving business through technology’ to `rock solid IT.’

Marketing director Andrew Charlesworth says the company wanted to reposition Maclean’s brand to better reflect what the company does.

“We also wanted to reinforce our focus on the midmarket space in Auckland and saw repositioning the brand as the way to do that.”

He says the change in the tagline was due to customer research the company conducted.

“It reflects our core focus which is concentrating on the infrastructure and foundation side. The tagline suggests that if you have a solid foundation than you can build the rest of the business on top of that.”

The company logo has also changed to green and has three prongs reflecting the company, team and offerings.

“It’s a transition from the network diagram to a more modern one.”

The new logo will be rolled out from Friday, September 17.