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Excom New Zealand in liquidation

The local business of IT trainer Excom Education has gone into liquidation after the Australian business did so in late August.

According to the Companies Office, Deloitte was appointed as the local liquidator on 14 September.

Shortly after the Australian business closed, the New Zealand branch said it was a separate entity and would continue to run courses. However, an earlier notice on the Companies Office said the local business was overdue in filing an annual return, and the registrar would initiate action to remove the company from the register if the return was not filed immediately.

Excom in Australia was in discussions with potential buyers in early September, Australian Reseller News reported.

The New Zealand business was established in 2007.

Reseller News has not been able to contact Excom New Zealand.

General manager of IT trainer Auldhouse, Melanie Hobcraft, says she has tried unsuccessfully to contact Excom's managing director in Australia, but says her company is happy to try to help students enrolled with Excom here.

She says terms and conditions under which Auldhouse could train former Excom students would have to be assessed on a case by case basis, depending on whether training had commenced, and which programme students were enrolled in.

Ace Training managing director Tony Skelton says although he doesn't know the circumstances of the liquidation, market size could be a contributing factor. He says he stands by the view conveyed to Reseller News when Excom set up in New Zealand that the local market was not big enough to support three Microsoft Learning Solutions Partners.

"We have to be sensible when these decisons are made, the New Zealand market is small and that's a fact of life," he says. "That point has now been well proven."

Skelton says his company would also assist Excom students. "If the liquidators approached us we'd do the bes we can to help them out. No-one wants to see the students disadvantaged."