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Datastor to launch new website

Local distributor Datastor is set to unveil what it says is a long overdue new website, with managing director Dave Rosenberg saying the current site has been running since 2000.

“Our website was developed on Lotus Notes 10 years ago and it is all sitting on a Notes back end.

“We have moved our core infrastructure across to Microsoft CRM, so the new site is about aligning that together.”

Datastor had planned to establish the new site 18 months ago, but this was delayed because of the company’s acquisition by Westcon Group.

“Our point of sale and ordering system has already improved due to an enterprise resource planning upgrade conducted a few weeks ago. This website will have company and vendor information along with news and events.”

Rosenberg says he doesn’t have the specifics of the site yet, but says it will have a totally new look and feel.

“For our product development team internally, it is going to be easier to maintain as well. Whenever we want to change anything at present, we need to get a Notes developer in.”