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Microsoft adds Silver to partner competencies

Microsoft has added a Silver level to its partner competencies ahead of the launch of its new Partner Network scheme on October 29.

As previously announced, the programme’s membership levels have changed from Registered, Certified and Gold, to Community, Subscription, Competency and Advanced Competency, with Advanced Competency now the highest level.

Partner strategy director Brent Colbert says it introduced the Silver level due to partner feedback and because it wants good coverage of partners across all competencies.

“We have the Gold status but we are also introducing a Silver status. Gold is going to be aligned with the advanced competencies and Silver aligned with our other competencies [of Community and Subscription].”

He says Gold is for the four individual Advanced Competency levels, while Silver is based around one competency level. Silver sits at the competency level below the advanced competency.

The vendor is also set to introduce the PinPoint partner hub here in December. The hub is designed to make it easier for customers to find partners. It has already been rolled out in Australia.

By using the PinPoint hub, a partner can search for different partner types and their specialisations such as unified communications, server platforms and mobility and systems management.

“PinPoint means we can profile partners based around competency and solutions that they provide in the market.

“People can jump on the website and look for the right partner. Based on overseas experience we have found a lot of sales leads have come through PinPoint, which is encouraging,” says Colbert.

The company is looking to fill five new roles within the company but Colbert wouldn’t comment further on what these positions are.