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Laser on retail drive

Accessories and audiovisual vendor Laser will hire two more staff in 2011 to target retailers in Wellington and Christchurch.

Country manager Debbie Maher says the company needs extra personnel because it has been “flat out” in Auckland and doesn’t have the resources needed to serve the lower North Island and South Island. The two sales agents will be based from home offices, she says.

“What has worked well for Laser is working through sales agents. The more presence we have at store level, the more opportunity there is to get the Laser name and brand out there.”

The sales agents will target retail customers such as Harvey Norman and explore other opportunities such as channel sales, says Maher.

“If a sales agent can establish a relationship with a buyer at Harvey Norman, there is more chance the products will get into that store. There was a huge retail focus which will continue, but there is a space in the distributor channel for a value brand.”

Maher says the company is flexible about sales agents working from home. “We just want to find the right people who will get out there and do the job.” She plans to hire the sales agents by the start of its financial year on April 1, 2011.