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Equico revamps Escape rewards scheme

Technology leasing firm Equico has launched a refreshed version of its Escape reseller incentive programme.

Its first reward programme was announced in April, which offered resellers the chance to win a trip to Hawaii if they registered to earn points for meeting sales targets and undertaking quotes and other sales activities.

Twenty-four resellers qualified for the Hawaii trip and will leave next month.

Managing director Paul Beattie says the programme created awareness about Equico and also brought in new partners.

“This is a new concept, not so much for the IT industry, but for finance to incentivise staff in such a way. It has created more of an awareness of what the benefits of leasing are for the vendor. Normally the end customer is aware, but from a vendor point of view leasing is not always on their radar.”

The new programme offers trips to Chiang Mai and Koh Samui in Thailand. Resellers have until next March to register and meet targets, with the trip scheduled for June.

The programme has been amended so that some smaller resellers have a combined sales target, to make it more achievable.

“Our research shows sales are still flat in the IT market and some resellers found it difficult [to meet targets] after starting off enthusiastically,” says Beattie, who hopes conditions will have improved as the March 2011 deadline nears.

Beattie says Equico recruited a small number of new resellers as a result of the Hawaiian Escape programme, and wants to build on this with the new initiative.

“The initial programme was to incentivise and reward existing, loyal resellers, then with the second programme we’ll open it up.”

Registered resellers can track their progress via an online Equico account and will be rewarded for using the online quoting and CRM tool, Equico Real Time.