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IBM encourages local entries in global Beacon awards

IBM says partners entering its local partner awards, which are open for entries until the end of the year, should also consider entering its international Beacon awards, to be held in the US next February.

The company says the 2011 Beacon awards have been running for 10 years and recognise innovation and client satisfaction in a range of solutions and markets.

The international awards are open to Advanced and Premier partners, of which there are about 24 locally, says local channels manager Raymond Skoglund. The entries are prepared jointly between partners and IBM, he says, adding there have been New Zealand finalists in past years.

“There has been a good success rate for those who have got nominated across, and success in terms of knowledge around innovation and the development of what our partners are doing in this part of the world,” says Skoglund.

He adds there are similarities between the award categories provided locally and those offered globally.

This year, the vendor has added four new awards relating to partner achievement in four of its technologies.

At the Auckland awards evening on 10 March, the additional prizes will be given for Power Business Partner of the Year, System x Storage Business Partner of the Year, System x Business Partner of the Year and Software Business Partner of the Year.

Partners in these and the four main categories will be recognised for revenue attainment, ease of doing business with IBM, year on year growth in IBM business, participation in the Know Your IBM certification programme, co-marketing and innovation, IBM says.