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Partner sought for school switch upgrade

The Ministry of Education seeks a supplier of network switches as part of its $58 million project to upgrade school networks, ahead of the ultrafast broadband initiative.

The current School Network Upgrade Project (SNUP3) follows two other projects, SNUP1 and SNUP2, and is focused on upgrading internal cabling infrastructure in hundreds of schools around the country. The two previous projects have already upgraded the networks in 445 mainly rural and small schools.

Requests for information (RFI) are currently being accepted so that the government can select a switch vendor capable of delivering on its project requirements. The ministry will either buy an entire solution directly from a vendor, or negotiate a recommended buy price with the vendor and work with certified system integrators for configuration, bench testing, installation and onsite commissioning.

Regardless of which option the ministry decides to pursue, the ministry says proposals should cater for up to 240 schools.

Switches need to support IPv6 and must comply with the Ministry of Education switching standards available on

The deadline for RFI submissions closes on 14 December and the project is expected to start by March 2011.