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Epson NZ dissolved

Epson New Zealand has ceased to be a separate entity from its Australian owner Epson Australia Pty.

According to general manager Greg Skinner the local business, which has its office in central Auckland, won’t undergo any operational or staff changes as a result of the December liquidation. “It was simply that we ceased being a company in our own right and became completely under Epson Australia Pty,” says Skinner. “Even as Epson New Zealand we were 100 percent owned by Epson Australia so it is just paperwork.

Liquidator Andrew Hawkes of Ernst and Young Transaction Advisory Services says the liquidation is “completely benign”. “It is a solvent liquidation for group restructuring purposes,” Hawkes says.

In a statement, Epson says the local business was operated by Epson New Zealand Ltd, a company fully owned by Epson Australia, until April 2007 when it brought the New Zealand business into Epson Australia as a branch office.

“For customers and suppliers there were no changes to the way the New Zealand business operated at the time of the change to the branch structure," Skinner said in the statement. “The aim of the restructuring was to have both Epson Australia and Epson New Zealand operating more efficiently, both between the two businesses and in relationships with resellers, distributors, customers and suppliers, and that has been achieved.”