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Datamine plots 2011 expansion plans

New Zealand-based data mining organisation Datamine is celebrating its strongest year of revenue in 2010, while plotting growth and expansion plans for 2011. “Datamine has shown strong growth over the past year in terms of turnover, new clients and staff. Since moving to the Signal Box in Parnell we have hired 6 new Dataminers and have been able to resource to meet the market," said the company’s founder, Paul O’Connor. Datamine says it took on 12 new clients in 2010, while continuing to work on its existing client base. The plan for 2011 is to continue to grow: “As businesses head into 2011, we’ve observed a huge increase in accountability. Those in charge are being asked to provide accurate measures of results and evidence to support decisions in every part of their business from Marketing and Operations through to HR and Finance,” said Sally Carey, Datamine’s New Zealand managing director. Datamine’s 2011 plans include the growth of its footprint within the Australian market later in the year. “In negotiating the current economic landscape, we’ve seen smart businesses increase their use of data to proactively aid decision-making, as well as retrospectively measure their initiatives,” added Carey.