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Gen-i cloud deal may signal bigger business to come

  • Stephen Bell (Unknown Publication)
  • 02 February, 2011 22:00

Gen-i is trumpeting a local success for its cloud computing services – just as the Inland Revenue Department creates concern over a need, in the strict terms of the law, to keep business records on a local server.

CNS Treasury, which develops and hosts treasury management software, has signed up for Gen-i’s ReadyCloud Server to provide a flexible computing and storage resource from which to offer service to its clients.

The company has already been offering a web-based service with support from Telecom and Gen-i since 2004 and the latest decision did not involve complex, competitive evaluation, says CNS CEO Hils Hunt; it was essentially an upgrade of an existing arrangement. “We didn’t see anyone else who was offering a comparable service in New Zealand,” he says “but to be honest we didn’t look too hard.”

Gen-i is thought to have bid for a much bigger catch — the all-of-government infrastructure-as-a-service contract that the Department of Internal Affairs is steering on behalf of government.

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