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Intergen seeks Auckland leader for growth drive

Intergen is on the hunt for an Auckland-based, Northern region manager with incumbent Shaun Donaghey set to leave the company.

Managing director Tony Stewart says the Microsoft Gold partner company is on a drive to grow its business in the region and to add to its staff numbers there.

"Auckland is, by the numbers, the biggest market in New Zealand,” says Stewart. “We have got a relatively small share of that market in terms of our total business, and it’s only slightly larger than our South Island business. We want to at least double our size [in Auckland] in the next two years. It is certainly not the easiest market in New Zealand to be in, but we are looking to increase our presence there.”

According to Intergen’s online job advertisement, it wants someone with proven leadership ability, a strong local network and a record of maintaining strong client relationships.

“Satisfy your entrepreneurial desire by taking ownership of a successful regional office and continue to grow and extend the reach of the Intergen brand throughout the Auckland and northern region market,” it states.

“The regional manager role is vital to our organisation’s success and forms part of the Intergen Leadership Team. It involves a combination of people leadership, oversight of our projects and building strong and lasting client relationships in our northern region.”

At the time of writing, Intergen had received more than 20 applications, says Stewart.

“It is a very important role for us. Shaun has had that [general manager] role since we started in Auckland in 2002. In Auckland it has grown from being just him to about 45 people.”

Stewart adds the company has been recruiting nationally in the first few weeks of this year, to keep pace with demand for all its services. It has brought on 40 people in that time and has another 20 vacancies to fill, he says. This will bring total staff to 260.

“We’re in six locations and each has four to five teams, so these numbers are really just a few extra people across the board.”

He says Intergen is aiming for at least 20 percent revenue growth this financial year. The company has grown at between 25 and 30 percent annually in recent years, except for 2010 when it fell by about 10 percent, says Stewart.

Donaghey is set to become the head of sales and marketing for payment technology company DPS in March. Before setting up the Intergen Auckland office in 2002, he was eBusiness sales and marketing manager for TelstraSaturn.