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Oxygen joins network of SAP resellers

Oxygen Business Solutions is the newest member of the United Value Added Resellers alliance, a global network of SAP suppliers.

The company has been appointed as the alliance’s partner in Australia and New Zealand.

According to Oxygen’s chief executive, Mike T. Smith, “The objective of United VARs is to provide [our] international customers with the ability to think global, and act local. Oxygen has been appointed as the SAP supplier to service this need in Australia and New Zealand.”

Smith adds that the partnership will allow Oxygen to “share and leverage best in class SAP solution services”.

“This approach enables Oxygen to offer Australian and New Zealand based businesses an integrated global deployment solution for parent companies and their subsidiaries. It will also allow international companies with a local ANZ based subsidiary to enjoy a global deployment SAP solution and provide them with additional services and support on demand,” he said.

For United VARs head of alliance management, Detlef Mehlmann, the inclusion of Oxygen within the United VARs network represents a significant additional piece of the global deployment offering the group is looking to achieve.

“We are excited to welcome Oxygen into our global family – the Oxygen team brings significant additional capability added to our network and enables the organisations we work with to enjoy a truly global deployment model.”