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IBM adds analytics to data centre services

IBM is including am analytics tool for its data centre consolidation and relocation services, according to a statement released by the company.

The company's Analytics for Logical Dependency Mapping (ALDM) tool is now included in New Zealand relocation services on a per-server basis, according to the statement.

ALDM produces a "snapshot" of an IT environment, enabling managers to plan effectively with algorithms applied to recommend what has to move together to provide a seamless experience for end users. The company says that observation of hundreds of data centre relocations, client inventories based on manual methods are only 70 percent to 90 percent accurate. The ALDM would provide a more complete picture of "physical and logical dependencies between networks, servers, middleware and applications" to help IT managers decide "what assets need to move in unison to maintain system uptime."

“We have done dozens of relocations and know success in any data centre migration is due to the right preparation and that means knowing what has to be moved and when,” says Greg Farmer, global technology services executive, IBM New Zealand.

The ALDM launch in New Zealand is timed to coincide with the opening of IBM's new Auckland data centre on March 2.