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The 2010 IBM Business Partner Award Winner: Best Co-Marketing Highly Commended

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  • 20 March, 2011 23:00

Key benefits for CDP

Up to $1,000,000 worth of revenue anticipated from an investment of $68,000;

Leveraged on success of last year’s ‘Information Management Symposium’ as well as CDP’s Business Partner Award;

Firmly places CDP and IBM as leading BI solution providers in New Zealand.

At a Glance

CDP sponsored second annual ‘Information Management Symposium’ in both Auckland and Wellington;

More than 100 attendees at both venues;

CDP has already closed a significant major project and has other prospects in the pipeline;

Raised awareness of CDP, IBM and information management.

CDP continues to show marketing excellence with their second annual Information Management Symposium. A category award winner last year (and the Supreme Award winner this year), CDP has the right combination of technical and communication skills that give them the competitive edge in today’s challenging environment. Working smarter is the catch phrase of the moment and CDP has proven that working smarter can be good business.

--Raymond Skoglund, channel manager IBM New Zealand

Following the success of their Information Management Symposium in 2009, CDP repeated the exercise to drive home the message that CDP and IBM are leaders of Information Management in New Zealand. CDP spent five months planning the Information Management Symposium 2010 (IMS10) to ensure a successful outcome.

IMS10, held in Auckland at the SKYCITY Auckland Convention Centre and Te Papa in Wellington in March 2010, generated a significant number of qualified leads. As a direct result of IMS10, CDP has already made an InfoSphere sale to a NZ insurance company to the value of $850,000 in December. Another large opportunity derived from IMS10 is due to close this quarter, approximately $300,000 in value. The total final cost of both the Auckland and Wellington events was approximately $68,000. Given the revenue, exposure and profile IMS10 has created, the entire exercise, while time and labour-intensive, has delivered a strong return on investment for both IBM and CDP.