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The 2010 IBM Business Partner Award Winner: Green and Beyond

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  • 21 March, 2011 23:00

Key business benefits for BMW:

BMW has a strong corporate advocacy of ‘green’ operations and Plan-b’s solution aligns IT with corporate goals; Plan-b’s BackupNOW service has delivered significant savings based on a modest capex and reduced operating expenditures; Plan-b’s BackupNOW has reduced asset accumulation from five tapes per day onsite to one tape per month, saving at least $10,740 plus the costs of end-of-life disposal; As such there had been a sharp reduction of time the IT manager spends looking after tape back-ups. Previously, the tape back-up might still be running in the morning preventing IT manager from getting started on the days work.

Technology used at BMW site:

IBM 3650 server

Technology used at Plan-b site:

IBM 3650 server

IBM DS series SAN (storage area network)

Multiple IBM System Storage EXP 3000 disk expansion units

Plan-b helped BMW achieve its world-wide advocacy of green operations by setting up and maintaining an off-site backup / disaster recovery solution. In a world-wide first for BMW, Plan-b’s IBM-based BackupNOW has reduced BMW’s reliance on on-site operations, while simultaneously reducing risk, improving productivity and minimising administration overheads. This project illustrates the fact that working towards a smarter planet makes good economic sense. --Raymond Skoglund, channel manager IBM New Zealand

BMW, the global automobile, motorcycle and engine manufacturing company, has a strong corporate advocacy of green operations. The company has established ecological and social sustainability throughout the value chain, comprehensive product responsibility and a clear commitment to conserving resources as an integral part of its strategy.

As a result of a tape drive failure and a corporate audit, BMW reviewed its entire backup scenario with the goal of developing a cost-effective, environmentally sound solution that would provide faster recovery in a crisis whilst providing easy implementation with little to no administrative overhead.

Plan-b proposed its own managed backup/recovery solution, BackupNOW Enterprise, in which the company is wholly responsible for BMW’s backup solution, freeing up BMW’s internal IT staff to focus on their customer touch points, while delivering measureable sustainability benefits.

The BackupNOW Enterprise solution, which is built on IBM hardware, incorporates de-duplication technology that significantly reduces bandwidth requirements and storage capacity, further reducing BMWs footprint. Its data is de-duplicated based on pre-defined policies and only the changed de-duplicated data is transmitted to Plan-b. This easily implemented solution reduces the need for physical hardware such as tape drives, tape media or individual backup systems at BMW’s office, and removes the need for tape pick-up couriers, off-site tape storage, software licensing and the hands-on day-to-day human resource management of a backup regime.

The Plan-b solution delivers reduced asset accumulations, lower management costs, economies of scale and reduced vehicle mileage for couriers who had to physically pick-up and transfer tapes. BMW reduced its tape usage on-site from five a day to none and did away with courier pickups. In addition, it was able to eliminate the risk of having a non-BMW employee enter their secured server room – a point highlighted by BMW during a security audit. BackupNOW also reduces requirements for software licensing and hands on day-to-day management of a backup regime at the customer site. The solution is flexible both in product support and scalability.

Plan-b provided BMW with a solution to solve real business issues – such as risk minimisation and reduced asset accumulation – and one that was cost-effective. Smart use of technology such as data de-duplication combined with Plan-b’s own service BackupNOW Enterprise prove that ‘going green’ doesn’t have to carry additional costs. In fact, if done correctly, as BMW and Plan-b prove, green technology can deliver business benefits as well as a cleaner, more sustainable environment.