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The 2010 IBM Business Partner Award Winner: New Intelligence Highly Commended

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  • 23 March, 2011 23:00

Key benefits for Silverton Casino Lodge

Within the first three months of use, Silverton Casino identified and implemented seven business improvement opportunities that generated US$996,000 of profits; Return on investment in less than two months; System led client to change location of one slot machine resulting in an improvement of approximately US$11,000pa without any need for capital outlays; Enables Silverton to identify underperforming areas of the casino and underperforming gaming machines and then reconfigure gaming floor to increase profitability.

Technology used

IBM WebSphere 7.0.9

IBM System x 3580 M2 servers

IBM System x 3690 X5 server

Intelligent systems help manage resources more efficiently. Business Intelligence Systems Software’s gameViz incorporates spatial intelligence and advanced processing to deliver very specific results. --Raymond Skoglund, channel manager IBM New Zealand

Silverton Casino Lodge, located near the Strip in Las Vegas, is in a highly competitive field and requires innovative and flexible strategies to understand, analyse and act upon the ever increasing volumes of customer and operational data. The casino acquired gameViz, the spatial intelligence solution developed by New Zealand IBM Business Partner Business Intelligence Systems Software (BIS²), to help the company increase profits, manage its floor more efficiently and reduce overheads.

GameViz was developed by BIS² on an IBM WebSphere platform. It is a ‘plug ‘n play’ solution that sits on top of Silverton’s existing IBM-powered data warehouse and uses advanced spatial modelling algorithms to better understand dynamics of all aspects of slot machine location, profits, usages and so on. GameViz incorporates gaming-specific concepts such as ‘average daily theoretical’, or the amount of money a person will spend on a single visit to a casino, and provides the ability to understand patterns, identify meaningful relationships and gain new insights. The client stated that, “there is no other product on the market that comes close in respect to functionality or interface.”

GameViz’s interfaces make it easy for individual departments to make recommended changes. The interface also makes it easier for management to collaborate on understanding the complex science of slot floor management, which is to say looking at the relationship between proximity of slot machines to restaurants, bathrooms, walkways and so on. The interface provides a return on investment within three months.