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Maclean and Acquire sign deal

Maclean is outsourcing the majority of its hardware and software procurement function to procurement specialist Acquire.

“This is great news for both Maclean and our customers.” says Chris Maclean, CEO of Maclean “Leveraging Acquire’s procurement systems and combining our buying power means faster quotes with more competitive prices.”

Maclean adds that the companies have piloted this for a couple of weeks and are confident that it is “a win-win for everyone”.

Maclean’s “M-Shop” procurement portal is also now powered by Acquire, as part of the deal.

“As our market, and our business matures, we are keen to focus our resources on the areas that offer customers the best return. Our core strength is in building and supporting Rock Solid IT foundations, not procurement, so this partnership delivers an improved service for customers and a tighter focus for ourselves,” adds Maclean.

According to the company, only the back-end functions are being outsourced to Acquire and Maclean will continue to provide presales, account management, implementation and support services to customers.