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New CEO for LifeSize

Colin Buechler steps up

Former senior VP of sales and marketing Colin Buechler is stepping up as Lifesize's new CEO, the company has announced.

Former CEO Craig Malloy is moving onto the position of vice chairman of Lifesize's supervisory board, after nine years as the company's chief executive.

“I am very pleased with the Lifesize team and what they have accomplished under Craig’s leadership,” says Guerrino De Luca, chairman of the board and acting president and CEO of Logitech, Lifesize's parent company. “Every growing company comes to an inflection point and Lifesize is there now. Colin Buechler’s experience growing the Lifesize business as the leader of sales and marketing, along with his background in strategy and building larger businesses, is what Lifesize needs to continue its success story. I fully trust in Colin’s leadership and vision for Lifesize," he adds.

According to Buechler, his goal is "to make visual communication a part of everyday business collaboration". "I’m looking forward to continuing to drive growth and innovation within both the company and the video communications industry, bringing quality visual communication to anyone, anywhere.”