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FitBit hunts for resellers

'Connected health' devices hit the NZ market
  • Vera Alves (Unknown Publication)
  • 05 July, 2012 22:00

Following growing popularity in the US, FitBit has this month entered the New Zealand market and is looking to build a reseller community around the ‘connected health’ devices category.

The vendor launched its products, website and mobile apps in New Zealand in the beginning of this month. The range of products includes an Ultra Wireless Activity + Sleep Tracker, the Aria WiFi Smart Scales, along with (where users can upload their health-related data) and iPhone and Android apps.

"The market is changing rapidly, with community awareness being driven by the media and the government," says Todd Lynton, managing director of FitBit in Australia and New Zealand, explaining why now is a good time to enter the market of fitness gadgets in the country.

He says that, although a little behind, the ANZ market is following the US trend where fitness devices have rapidly grown in popularity. He adds the electronics chain BestBuy in the US now has a whole section dedicated to this type of device. "This emergence is quite exciting. While ANZ is a little behind, we are starting to launch into the market," he adds.

Fitbit has appointed Lacklands as its first distributor for the New Zealand market and has already signed on a number of resellers. Lynton expects to reach "broad distribution" in the country within the next twelve months. "We expect demand to be significant in New Zealand," he says.

The company knows it has "several hundreds of users in New Zealand", people who bought the device overseas or parallel imported it.

The activity and sleep tracker is a small device that measures all-day activity, including steps, calories burned, distance travelled and stairs or hills climbed, to encourage users to become more active. "It's a little motivator that helps you be a little bit fitter every day," says the MD. The wi-fi scales recognise users and track weight while also calculating body fat percentage and BMI for up to eight people. The web services offered by FitBit are free of charge, with no subscription required.

The Ultra Wireless Activity + Sleep Tracker is available with an RRP of $159.95, in blue or plum. The Aria WiFi Smart Scales are available in black or white at $199.95.