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Waterstone issues first liquidator report on Maclean

Report shows $3 million in liabilities and an IT who's-who list of creditors

Waterstone today issued the initial liquidator's report for Maclean Computing.

The report estimates that as of the liquidation on July 13, the $3 million in liabilities and $1.1 million in assets, with a $1.9 million deficit.

The report is available on the Companies New Zealand website.

The list of known creditors includes its procurement partner Acquire, as well as distributors Westcon, Ingram Micro, Sektor, Simms International and Synnex, as well as hardware vendors HP and IBM, among dozens of others organisations, in and out of the IT sector.

Waterstone states this information is based on Maclean's records and has yet to be verified. The liquidator anticipates preferential claims will be received by former employees, and the IRD for outstanding taxes. Waterstone liquidators told Computerworld that a competitive sales process for the assets took place over five days, but wouldn’t say how many bids were in the running, or what was paid for the assets. The liquidator also said that Maclean Computing's CEO Chris Maclean would be listed as an "unsecured creditor". Maclean announced on July 18 that he and business partner Matthew Bellingham had purchased the assets of Maclean Computing from Waterstone. The new company is named Maclean Technology Ltd.