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UFB will boost mobility uptake

Good news for resellers in the mobility space, says Symantec

The rollout of the Ultra Fast Broadband across New Zealand will lead to an increase in the use of mobile devices, Symantec’s VP and managing director Brenton Smith said at the Symantec Symposium in Auckland.

“The hottest trend in the industry right now is mobility,” said Smith. “Mobile devices are truly becoming first class citizens of corporate IT. They are being used for work more than ever before and corporate applications are not the only apps being accessed, as more and more employees use consumer mobile applications like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook for business. Customers are also going to become an increasingly important part of the endpoint ecosystem.”

The company says it is estimated that 40 percent of professionals are using at least two mobile devices to access corporate networks and the number is expected to double by 2014. The number of mobile threats, however, will increase with it. “Yesterday’s solutions won’t completely protect your company today,” added Smith.

Symantec adds that virtualisation is also a key trend that moves alongside all other IT changes, with most organisations having already virtualised some of their application workloads.

The vendor recently releases its State of Mobility survey which found that 65 percent of businesses said data loss was one of their top concerns for mobile adoption. In addition, Symantec estimates that 60 percent of companies are already making line-of-business applications accessible from mobile devices.