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Kaseya looks to next growth stage in NZ after recent hire

Vendor takes on Gen-i veteran to keep MSP solutions momentum going
  • Simon Eskow (Unknown Publication)
  • 15 October, 2012 22:00

Enterprise systems management software vendor Kaseya last month appointed Olaf Jones as its sales manager.

The company says the appointment dovetails with the development of the Kaseya brand in the New Zealand market.

“A couple years ago, when we announced we would invest in the market there, we said we would set up an office and we planned to put in 30 people and we’ve achieved that promise, if you like,” says Kaseya’s ANZ managing director, Dermot McCann.

Those local efforts were put in place to support global initiatives for the company, including a product development team, and customer support mirroring a team in Ireland as part of its follow-the-sun strategy. There was also a regional accounting team, and a sales role focused on business development in other markets.

Supporting its New Zealand business was the now former New Zealand country manager, Sim Bong, who has transferred to Malaysia to help Kaseya develop markets in southeast Asia.

This left a gap locally that the vendor filled with the appointment of Jones, who was selected to lead the company into what McCann describes as its next stage of growth: into the mid-market.

“We’ve brought on very large customers that require us to kind of support the next stage of our growth as we continue to evolve,” says McCann. “Jones having that experience with Gen-i was the right fit to help us transition into the mid- and large enterprise markets.”

McCann cited what he called Jones’ “solid business acumen” as a driving factor behind the appointment.

“Kaseya has a compelling technology proposition and what’s important having him in place is he can translate that into a business proposition to help customers understand how to make the most out of that technology,” McCann says.

The company at last count worked with more than 100 MSP partners in New Zealand. One of them was the Maclean Computing spinoff, Enfusion, which continues to play an important role for Kaseya, says McCann.

Enfusion white labels a remote management service based on its Kaseya expertise. Last year, the company became the first MSP in Australasia to achieve Kaseya’s engineering certification, but other New Zealand MSPs have gone through that process since then.

McCann describes the next stage of Kaseya growth as helping its partners “get the most out of their current implementation” of the management platform.

“But it’s also to provide and consult on bringing automation into large enterprises,” he says. “We’re looking to our partners to expand our footprint, to respond to the demand of large enterprises for automation and transformation.”

Kaseya has had a partner programme in place for the last 12 months, and works with a combination of generalist resellers and system integrators, as well as partners that have built a practice solely around managed services.

“That’s their proposition and they’re comfortable with selling that. They understand the benefits of automated service delivery and providing service level agreements to their customers,” McCann says.

Jones comes to Kaseya after a nine-year stint with Gen-i, most recently as a client director, leading a team of sales and technology staff. He also was a senior sales executive at EDS and was Auckland Sales Manager for Computerland with a focus on new business growth. He works out of Kaseya’s New Zealand headquarters in Auckland.