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Trend Micro delivers solution as MSP offering

Vendor surprised by high number of resellers offering MSP of some sort already
  • Simon Eskow (Unknown Publication)
  • 24 November, 2012 22:00

Internet security provider Trend Micro is tapping into the general progression toward everything as a service with an MSP offering to protect organisations from viruses, spyware, spam and other web threats.

The company recently announced its MSP offering in Australia and New Zealand, supported by a licensing management platform that allows partners to self-provision and auto-renew licensing far quicker than previously.

The announcement rolled out with a claim that 78 percent of the company’s customers in the ANZ markets are already performing some kind of managed service provision for their clients.

“The sort of things we’re hearing is that the resellers themselves are saying they actually need to start looking at MSP models in order to survive,” says New Zealand based Peter Benson, Trend Micro’s senior security architect for New Zealand.

“A lot of the traditional break fix mentality is just old thinking. I think we’re also seeing a degree of evolution in the customer IT layer as well. Cloud is changing the mindset but a lot of it comes down to the customers want something that is nice, easy and with not a lot of capital cost up front. They want to worry about their core business without having to worry about whether things are up and running.”

Trend Micro has rolled out the MSP model through distribution partner NewLease, in New Zealand. The offering integrates with Trend Micro’s cloud-Based Worry Free Business Security Services and Worry-Free Remote Manager. The complete solution set provides licensing, monitoring and reporting across multiple Trend Micro security solutions, and new integration with multi-tenant management solutions to improve ticketing and billing.

The range of MSP offerings scales from SMBs to large enterprise customers.

“If you go back five ten years ago the concept of security as a service, there were few players out there and the uptake was light because there weren’t any trusted relationships or confidence in the service from their customers,” says Benson. “Now SLAs make cloud and security as a service a lot more palatable particularly in the SMBs.”

Benson says he was surprised by the number of partners buying Trend Micro products that were already implementing some form of managed services.

“We’re actually finding we’ve only recently fairly worked out that the managed services are growing fairly quickly,” Benson says. “We expect the growth to continue to be significant and part of our program is to help our partners grow their managed services and to increase their revenue streams while maintaining their traditional VAR business as well.”

Benson foresees security as a managed service as creating a lot more opportunities for resellers to add value to their customers

“Security is an area, to be honest, there’s not enough awareness in terms of what it’s about what are the threats and the revolution of the threat landscape,” he says. “There’s a lot more consulting work certainly that resellers can do around what to do with the evolution of the landscape My personal op is what the MSP program does is make it easy to do this operationally to open up resources in other areas.”