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Zenprise puts pieces in place for ANZ growth

A small team out of Australia turns to Soft Solutions to build New Zealand channel
  • Simon Eskow (Unknown Publication)
  • 27 November, 2012 22:00

Mobile device management solution provider Zenprise is ramping up its regional presence, with help from distribution partner Soft Solutions.

The company recently appointed John Martens as its first country manager for Australia and New Zealand, and has recently taken on a sales and pre-sales engineer based in Melbourne.

Martens recently completed a tour of New Zealand in conjunction with Soft Solutions to increase the vendor’s visibility among resellers on this side of the Tasman.

“Soft Solutions is very important for the local touch,” Martens says. “There are some significant organisations we’ve been talking to in the last couple weeks. Now that there’s a presence in the region, it changes their attitude to the product.”

Zenprise is a US based MDM provider, one of five “innovators” in Gartners Magic Quadrant. The vendor’s keystone product, Zensuite is described as an integrated solution for secure mobile productivity, with integrated management designed to give IT departments the ability to secure and manage mobile content across content repositories, email, intranets, and apps.

“Our model fits the ability to look after smaller organisation just as well as enterprises,” says Martens. “You can deploy on premise, a lot of organisations are still doing, you can deploy in the cloud, and you can deploy it through a MSP. With that model we can go down to very small organisations. And it is the same code base and the same capabilities.”

The product essentially provides apps through VPN connections that tunnel data specific to that app, as opposed to tunnelling all data from device to network, and preventing the user from going directly to the internet, thus preventing unnecessary data leakage.

The tour was intended to introduce Zenprise to New Zealand partners that Soft Solutions have been fostering over the last year.

“We started about a year ago through an Australian partner and in May we started to engage directly with Zenprise formally,” says Paul Leslie of Soft Solutions.

Leslie and Martens say resellers are ready to roll out solutions because of the local presence. Previously, Australia had been supported out of the US.

“We’ve had good talks with people who’ve just started to think about BYOD and the need to go mobile,” says Leslie. “They will have this one group of people on a basic MDM capability and then a block that needs a lot more data to be productive and something like Zensuite allows a building block approach.”

Generally speaking, the company is marketing itself as providing MDM 2.0, leveraging native policy settings on back office databases and other applications to determine what is sent to the device via an encrypted file.

“So now someone wants to use a device, it sends them an enrolment invitation, they click on the link, and after a couple steps to say yes,” he says. “So corporately developed apps can get on there, wifi security, email, all from the first time they put in their password.”

“Our message is that we have an enterprise solution and our resellers will be those that deal with enterprise customers and they’ve looked at other MDMs but they don’t get the enterprise feeling from the others,” he adds.

Martens comes to Zenprise with more than 25 years experience in the IT sector, in his own startups and with such players as IronPort Systems, a Cisco company. He comes most recently from IT security solutions provider Zscaler.

Leslie describes its strategy for bringing on resellers as controlled evolution. But candidate partners would be those that know what their customers need and to understand the market enough to help their customers understand the choices. It’s important to build that channel otherwise I’m having conversations with end users and they really don’t know what they need.