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Mobile Mentor opens Wellington office

New location to service government sector
  • Vera Alves (Unknown Publication)
  • 07 April, 2013 22:00

Mobile device management provider Mobile Mentor has opened an office in Wellington to help service the government sector, the company has announced.

According to CEO Denis O’Shea, the company is seeing “steady growth in the government sector” which is responsible for the decision to open an office in this location. “Starting small, initially just three people, but our Auckland office is close to being full and we expect to hire all new staff into Wellington over the next three years,” says O’Shea.

O’Shea says the company “might have a total of ten staff in Wellington by 2015” and adds that he will recruiting a Wellington region manager soon.

“Local presence will be good for our customers, more on-site support, faster replacement times for lost/ broken/ stolen hardware, and better ability to deal with complex issues through more face-to-face meetings,” he says.

Speaking at the IDC’s Enterprise Mobility conference recently, Mobile Mentor’s CEO shared his predictions for 2020, a time when he believes what he calls the “$20 mobile paradigm” will be in place. According to O’Shea, by then, people will be able to buy a smart device for $20, have unlimited mobile service for $20 per month and build an enterprise mobile app in 20 minutes.