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Asnet comes off Polycom test drive with white-labelling plans

Other resellers may soon on-sell cloud video collaboration solution

New Zealand Polycom partner Asnet Technology was one of four resellers globally to test-drive the vendor’s CloudAxis suite, which was rolled out at the end of March.

CloudAxis is designed to accommodate secure business-to-business or business-to-consumer video conferencing, as an extension of Polycom’s RealPresence solution.

“We’ve been assisting Polycom in an extensive beta trial,” says Eric Greenop in an email to Reseller News. “The trial has generated feedback to the design team and updates have been made. As a result of the modifications the trial software, as you would expect, is more stable and will now be exposed to selected key customers here in New Zealand.”

The initial CloudAxis offering is deployed as a virtualised, private cloud solution for enterprise customers. The offering currently supports Windows operating systems, with Mac support forthcoming, according to the vendor.

From Asnet’s perspective, the solution will open doors to new business, including clients that may have not been able to afford video conferencing in the past.

“Any organisation with external parties wishing to join as a ‘trusted’ entry into a corporate network is a potential customer,” says Greenop. “It removes many of the existing barriers of room-based system restrictions, under the full control of the hosting party.”

Asnet hosts its cloud infrastructure out of a datacentre in Wellington, and has extensive training and experience in deploying Polycom products. Greenop says that expertise and infrastructure investment means that not many other resellers will be serving up the offering any time soon, but there are plans for allowing other resellers to white-label the solution.

“CloudAxis requires extensive base infrastructure and specialised expertise,” Greenop says. “This presents a significant barrier to entry for anyone other than the main players in this industry. For these reasons, our plan is to add this service to our existing cloud based ‘Video-Net’ service for enterprises and offer a ‘white-labelled’ service to our telco and IT partners. Naturally there are some larger enterprises who will justify having their own system and we will assist them in accomplishing this.”

According to an IDC analyst quoted in Polycom press materials, the CloudAxis suite lets customers “easily deploy, use and scale videoconferencing” with the potential for developing new uses for video interaction.

The solution allows users to import contacts from social media platforms and email addresses as part of its Global Presence-Aware Directory.

Greenop says some examples of uses include education customers allowing students to join classes from home, and for health practitioners to interact with patients that can’t leave their homes.