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Australian datacentre operators are not measuring power use: Digital Realty Trust

Almost 40 percent of Australian datacentre operators are not measuring power use

Almost 40 per cent of Australian datacentre operators are not measuring power use, according to a recent study by datacentre solution provider, Digital Realty Trust.

The study was commissioned by Digital Realty and carried out independently by Campos Research & Analysis. Results of this study are based on surveys of 100 Australian IT decision makers at large corporations with annual revenues of at least $US500 million and/or at least 500 employees.

Furthermore, 13 per cent of respondents claimed that they did not know their Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE), and five per cent did not know what the term 'PUE' referred to.

In addition, 90 per cent of the participants who indicated they are likely to expand in 2013 (78 per cent) also stated they were either 'extremely confident' or 'very confident' about complying with future regulations on power use and carbon emissions.

Digital Realty Asia-Pacific senior vice-president and regional head, Kris Kumar, said these figures suggest a disconnect in some areas of the Australian datacentre industry.

"39 per cent of respondents not measuring the power consumption of their datacentres and yet 90 per cent of them feeling confident about complying with regulations suggests there is a gap that needs to be closed and an opportunity for the industry to take a more proactive approach to monitoring energy use," he said.

He claimed that at an operational level, properly monitoring and managing energy use within a datacentre environment can significantly reduce operational expenditure and support an organisation's corporate social responsibility objectives.

"It's certainly no secret that energy costs are a significant cost factor for datacentre users so a focus on energy efficiency and a clear visibility of usage is critical."

Digital Realty, a member of the group that advises the NSW government on NABERS-rated datacenters, will soon hold workshops with clients to define a framework for the process. "Energy rating schemes such as NABERS are set to positively impact the datacentre industry. With regulations in place, PUE numbers can no longer be 'estimated'.

"Companies that seek a NABERS rating must begin to measure their power use. This in itself is a big opportunity for companies to ensure their facilities operate in an energy efficient manner," Kumar added.