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Logitech G500s

Gaming mouse

The Logitech G500s has just about every feature a gamer could dream of, particularly if you play first-person shooters and other games that require pinpoint accuracy.

The G500s is a corded laser mouse, with a solid rubber grip on each side and ten programmable buttons. After you’ve assigned those buttons using Logitech’s downloadable software, you can save your custom profile – or profiles – either in the mouse’s on-board memory, so you can take it to a LAN and keep playing with your existing settings, or on your PC to save the mouse’s storage space.

It also has slots for nine weights, and the weights come in two different sizes, so you can get the mouse feeling exactly the way you want it to.

The DPI is adjustable on-the-fly, and has a massive range of sensitivity settings – from as low as 400DPI to as high as 4000DPI. That will suit gamers who play shooters and want the ability to slow it down for a headshot, and then quickly flick the sensitivity back up for lightning-fast reaction times. In Logitech’s gaming software you can also change how many different DPI levels you have available to switch between, up to five.

There’s only one fault I found with the G500s, and whether it bugs you or not really depends on your hearing. The mouse emits a high-pitched tone from the bottom. When I was gaming I didn’t notice it, but when I was just browsing the internet or working, it was quiet but noticeable. I checked online to see if others were having similar issues, and found the problem wasn’t exclusive to my review unit. It’s not as bad as it sounds, however, as I only really noticed it when I was listening for it.

Buzzing aside, the G500s is a great mouse which I’d be happy to have on my desk next to my gaming PC. It’s comfortable, grippy, and has every feature a gamer could need.

This review was first published in the June issue of New Zealand PC World.