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Gen-i claims 5,000 win-backs for XT

Telecom's IT services unit to lead XT mobile assault with 'Gen-i only rates'

Telecom's IT services devision Gen-i is claiming it has already won 5,000 users back from Vodafone for its XT network and expects 25,000 users of its CDMA network to upgrade to XT by the end of June. Gen-i’s head of mobile, Joe Caccioppoli, says Gen-i will offer "Gen-i only rates" for data, devices and plans reflecting the spending levels of large corporate clients with the company.

Mobile services are not a regulated in the way fixed line broadband services are, he says.

Caccioppoli says a lot of clients use both Telecom and Gen-i for mobile services. Sometimes they use Telecom for 90 per cent of their services but 10 per cent who have special roaming needs may use Vodafone.

As a result, in some cases Telecom has 90 per cent of users but only 70 per cent or 80 per cent of revenue, he says.

Now Telecom can deliver services to all of those customers, he says.

At a briefing today in Auckland, Telecom CEO Paul Reynolds and retail CEO Alan Gourdie outlined the company's XT offer, while holding back some details for launch at the end of the month.

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