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IDC: Server virtualisation investment increases

Over 70 percent of CIOs have projects.

Despite the economic downturn, a recent IDC survey suggests more than 70 percent of local CIOs are going ahead with server virtualisation plans. Areas of investment include datacentre refreshes, Web 2.0 and cloud computing

According to the IDC Dynamic IT Benchmark 2009 results, CIOs who have interest in cloud computing are focused on gaining the upper hand in terms of faster development time in building business applications.

IDC Asia/Pacific Emerging Technology Council chief technology adviser Dr Patrick Chan cites the example of Gen-i as a company which has used cloud computing to automate processes.

“Gen-i’s effort in innovating IT in a grid-based supercomputing centre environment, leveraging cloud services model and virtual infrastructure enables real-time customer service delivery. By doing this, Gen-i has created a whole new commercial model based on the ability to create entirely self-contained environments for customers rapidly and easily.”

The IDC survey results also found continued investment in business intelligence and business process standardisation is strong with more companies looking at remote application delivery projects. There is interest in adopting information technology infrastructure library (ITIL) version three standards to enable IT management practices in corporate environments.

Reducing IT costs and improving customer services are priorities for companies.

A majority of businesses surveyed are also interested in improving access to relevant information, data and IT resources.

Chan says CIOs are at an interesting juncture.

"As a result of the financial downturn, corporations are under mounting pressure to invest only in IT technology that can help their businesses save costs and grow at the same time. As a result, CIOs today have very challenging roles to play. They need to balance savings aginst IT investments in order to achieve optimal growth for their organisations."