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Canon finds new Christchurch home

Outsources some processes to partners.

Canon says its new premises in Christchurch's Hazeldean Business Park showcase how its technology can be integrated into workplaces. The eight building commercial site is on the outskirts of the central business district. Canon has used its new premises to showcase HD videoconferencing technology, document scanning, document management and print offerings. “We have reviewed the operation and reassessed from the ground up," says Canon country manager Mike Johnston. "Processes that can be better managed by our specialist partners, as with our distribution arrangements with DHL, have been outsourced accordingly. Where we have felt our services would benefit with a dedicated space to meet their needs, as with our technical staff in Christchurch, we have made sure they have been catered for. “The result is a well refined and streamlined approach which ultimately enables us to be more efficient in our operation and in our service delivery to customers,” he says. Canon says its contact details in the region will remain the same.