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Imarda gets top dollars from US freight company

CEO says the deal confirms the company is on the right track
  • Vera Alves (Unknown Publication)
  • 14 March, 2011 22:00

New Zealand-based mobile resource management company Imarda has received a follow-on order worth US$3.5 million from a “large publicly listed, US freight services company”.

Imarda CEO Selwyn Pellet says a confidentiality agreement prevents him from being able to disclose the name of the company but adds that the two have a “long relationship” and this is not their first big order.

“It’s always rewarding when a Tier 1 customer comes back and reconfirms their confidence in you with a second large order," says Pellett.

The order is for more than 3000 units of in-vehicle tracking hardware and follows the initial order for 12,000 units in 2008. The 3000 Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and PLC enabled V300 telematics devices along with 10,000 of Imarda's second generation electronic Trailer Identification Tags will be delivered during the current financial year.

"Imarda's hardware success is based on providing its customers with technology options that enable the rapid development of customised solutions to meet specific customer and market needs," says Pellett. "We are a technology enabler to help our customers unleash latent business performance and improve customer satisfaction. It's nice when you're told via a large order like this that you're on the right track. "