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Enterprises Must Allow BYOD: Report

Young Filipino employees are driving the trend behind the increasing use of consumer technologies in the workplace, according to new research by VMware.

Conducted for the first time in the Philippines, the "New Way of Life" study highlights the work-style and lifestyle habits of an increasingly mobile Filipino workforce, wherein 75% of the respondents are comprised of employees under the age of 34, or what the firm calls the "millennials."

"We are experiencing a technology revolution that is being dictated by the demands of an increasingly young, connected, and vibrant Philippines society," said Emmanuel Portugal, Country Manager, VMware Philippines.

Mobilized Workforce in the Philippines

The study further shows that the bring-your-own-device movement is prevalent in the Philippines with 81% of respondents owning two or more personal devices, and 85% bringing these to work.

Eighty percent agree that by bringing their own personal devices to work, they become more efficient working out of the office; 74% sees it as a tool to respond to necessary changes faster, and another 74% believes it allows them to become less stressed with work.

But despite these, the study also showed that corporate support is still lacking among Philippine enterprises wherein only three in ten people (32%) receive IT support for BYOD.

In these instances of lack of support, employees have found to look into the backdoor options to continuously allow their devices to be capable for work-related tasks. Three in five employees (60%) say they will either troubleshoot issues on their own, and one in two (52%) will rely on search engines like Google to find ways to integrate their choice of technology into the workplace.

"The undeniable call to action for companies in the Philippines is to adapt to the personal needs of our young workforce by modernizing IT policies to enable the next generation mobile worker without compromising risk, security and compliance to the organization," says Portugal. "By taking advantage of virtualization and cloud computing to modernize their IT policies, companies can effectively manage employee access to corporate applications and data whilst ensuring that sensitive information is kept confidential."

Enabling BYOD

To address the needs of enterprises, VMware recently unveiled the VMware Horizon Suite, a platform for workforce mobility, which consists of VMware Horizon Workspace, VMware Horizon View and VMware Horizon Mirage that connect end-users to their data, applications and desktops on any device without sacrificing IT security and control.

The VMware mobility software solution is expected to be available within the first quarter of 2013 and customers will have the option to leverage the entire platform of integrated products or purchase and deploy specific capabilities of the platform depending on their organizational needs.