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Momentum increases for self-serve IaaS

  • Simon Eskow (New Zealand Reseller News)
  • 15 August, 2012 00:44

Two large resellers in July announced new or improved IaaS offerings with an emphasis on speedy, automation of standing up entire networks.

The IT giant Dimension Data announced its Global Cloud Partner Programme, aimed at large enterprise customers and service providers, such as telcos, that can rebrand IaaS to their customers.

The regional powerhouse Gen-i, meanwhile, announced an automation feature to its two-year-old ReadyCloud Service, which according to a spokesman boasts clients of all sizes.

While these resellers are theoretically targeting their services to different market segments -- with pricing for Gen-i starting at $650 for a standard implementation, for example -- they both offer consulting services, while creating a channel of their own, in the case of Dimension Data.

"There's a couple levels of disruption going on," says Leigh Jackson, Dimension Data's New Zealand group technology manager. "In the past, clients would either buy all their own infrastructure and create a service on top, and we're saying there's no need for a provider to have that capital outlay. Pay per use, sell it and make your margin that way."

Dimension Data introduced its global cloud partner programme, OneCloud, on July 25. The programme is being marketed to service providers, enterprises and business communities and is built on top of the 14,000-strong company's Compute-as-a-Service programme rolled out in February. Dimension Data's partner programme helps its resellers expedite the service and support its marketing.

With the acquisition of Blue Fire, Dimension Data is also adding Microsoft packaged workloads on top of that. The public cloud can be used for test and development, and as a proof of concept. Dimension Data is also marketing the ability to stand up an on-premise cloud, including hardware, software and installation, in eight to 12 weeks. He says this would otherwise take an enterprise six to 12 months to do in other cases.

"Where we've positioned IaaS, we're selling a resource pool that you buy on an hourly basis," says Jackson. "If you want to on the fly change compute, memory or storage, you can."

Gen-i's Ready Cloud brings a basic IaaS offering, out of a New Zealand datacentre, priced with SMBs in mind, according to Gerhard Nagele, Gen-i's business manager for IAAS and security.

"We have some large corporates down to the very small business that want to take advantage of the new cloud technology," says Nagele. "We will provide the cloud for them and we have the Pathway to the Cloud [Gen-i's consulting service] to work with the clients to transfer their current compute to the cloud so they can take over and do all their IT functions through a portal."