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Symantec targets SMB service providers

The software vendor revamps its formerly enterprise exclusive licensing program.

Symantec has opened up its service provider licensing program to smaller service provider partners.

The ExSP licensing program had been offered to enterprise partners such as ISPs since 2006. It allowed them to buy the vendor’s software on a monthly subscription basis instead of paying upfront.

The program commanded a substantial financial commitment paid quarterly which meant those that wanted to join must already have a sizable customer base.

“Given the continued focus on cloud-based, managed and hosted-based services, we have changed the program to open it up so partners of any size, especially SMBs, can access it,” Symantec small business and distribution director, Steve Martin, said. “They can build out their own managed services on Symantec’s technology.”

ExSP now requires no minimum financial commitment. While it is a monthly payment model, partners still have ownership over licences purchased and discounts will be offered to high volume purchases to accommodate for business growth.

“This is a logical evolution and allows service providers to build out their infrastructure on technology so they can develop and on-sell their own technology such as hosted mail security services and email archiving services,” Martin said.