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Baxter joins Channel Dynamics as it expands overseas

Office set up in Singapore to help service Asia-Pacific based companies

Former Hitachi Data Systems channel director, Kerstin Baxter, has joined channel training and consulting organisation, Channel Dynamics, to head up its newly established Singapore branch.

Baxter previously spent 10 years at Microsoft and was most recently its partner group director.

Channel Dynamics director, Moheb Moses, said one of the reasons for establishing a presence in Singapore was because a lot of its Australian clients reported into Asia -Pacific head offices.

"We needed somebody there to represent us and understand the way we work," Moses said. "We needed to help our clients and also work with the Asia-Pacific head offices of our clients."

Moses described Baxter as the 'perfect fit' for the role and emphasised her channel experience.

"We didn't want to hire somebody where we tell them what to do. We'll give them our framework and methodology, but we'll also look at Kerstin to bring something to the business. Not just somebody who delivers but somebody who can contribute to the company moving forward," he said.

Initially the company will look to establish contact with the Asia-Pacific offices of the Australian companies it has dealt with.

"It's going to be about the people that we know, that we've worked with and helping them," he said. "It's about building the same reputation in Singapore than what have in Australia. Our goal is to have a good client base that respect us and to be able to deliver solutions to them that will prompt them to recommend us to other prospective clients."

According to Moses, Channel Dynamics has trained more than 2500 people across 600 companies. At any one time, it works with about 15 to 20 vendors.

"One of the really rewarding things for me over the last 12 months is that most of my business was repeat clients," he said. "I'd like to think we've built up a good reputation.”

Channel Dynamics has previously done a lot of work within security, networking and operating environments, but Moses said he would like to expand into segments such as storage and the large software arena.