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Tandberg launches virtual tape range

System set to choke the throat.

Tandberg Data has launched a new range of virtual tape libraries offering users the chance to export data to both virtual tape and physical tape.

Each unit can connect up to 100 separate systems, presents unique virtual library for each host system.

"The ability to move to physical tape gives businesses another option," said James Jackson, product manager for Tandberg UK. "It frees up some storage space and the physical tape can be used for offsite back-up."

Tandberg said that the DPS1000 offered users an easy way to connect to a tape library. "We offer a direct connection," said Jackson

He said that the product also benefited from a single management tool Jackson said that users could take a single, unified view of the system. "There's just one throat to choke as they say in the US," he said.

There are two models in the series: the DPS 1100 and DPS1200. The 1100 is a 1u model that offers 3TB of storage while the 1200 is a 2u unit with 6TB of storage. In addition, the 1200 offers a redundant power supply.

The next release of the DPS 1000 will include data deduplication, said Jackson. "We're just working through some issues we've encountered with the technology and expect to have a release out in the fourth quarter of this year."