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Five ways a geek can survive the recession

It's not just the banks and automobile industry that need to tighten strings; geeks can do their own bit to ensure they stay afloat in troubled waters.

It's not just the banks and automobile industry that need to tighten strings; geeks can do their own bit to ensure they stay afloat in troubled waters.

Postpone those upgrades

Most geeks suffer from a compulsive disorder of upgrading their PC hardware every three months. Holding back those upgrades is the first step towards countering recession. In fact, this might be the best time to exercise the geek database for optimizing, overclocking and tweaking existing PC components to extract some extra juice from your system and get a free boost for heavy applications and games.

Bargain hard

There may be a time in the next 3-4 months when you might have to by a new laptop or desktop PC . No matter how big or small the investment is; make sure you get the maximum for your money. With low sales and falling revenues, vendors will try their best to keep the ball rolling, giving you a chance to test your bargaining skills and striking a sweet deal. Don't expect heavy discounts but a combination of discounts along with some freebies might just help you save some money. Look for online deals and special offers and don't hesitate to ask for further discounts. Try for group discounts by connecting with friends and acquaintances to take advantage of bulk buying.

Keep tab on those bills

Whether it's Internet usage on your PC or the mobile office service on the cell phone, be judicious, especially when you are charged for every single byte that you download. Control the urge to download anything and everything on the PC just because it's available free on the Web. Cut down your mobile bills by moving to instant messaging and VoIP, it will help you save on recurring monthly expenses. Recession or no recession, keeping your PC switched on 24x7 was never a good idea and now when every penny saved matters, it's strongly advisable to save on the power bills by switching off the PC once you are done with your work. Enabling power saving modes in office as well as home will do a lot of good to both your pocket and the environment

Avoid Impulsive Shopping

Do not succumb to the temptation of picking up a US B flash drive or a fancy wireless keyboard while at the neighboring mall. This is not the time to add to the reserves assuming you will use it someday; in fact it's time to make use of existing reserves. Trade the extra gadgets lying around with friends, sell them on forums and ensure you are trimmed to only what is absolutely necessary.

Get a life... please!

It's a good time to try and spend less time in front of your PC or with your gadgets and roll back to reading books (not e-books). Learn a new sport apart from electronic gaming and maybe develop some new (inexpensive) hobby. Just take advantage of the weather, go for a stroll and get some fresh air- It's free! Look at it this way -- if you have ever wondered what floats the boat of 'non-geek' freaks, perhaps this is the time to find out.