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Sydney University launches multimedia lab

University’s Arts Digital Centre to develop content for television, radio and the Web for academics, with a long-term plan to offer commercial services eventually
Philip Cross, the University of Sydney.

Philip Cross, the University of Sydney.

The University of Sydney is building a commercial Web development service run by staff and students in its multimedia research centre.

The Arts Digital Centre, which opened this week, houses 20 laboratories for developing multimedia content for television, radio and Web sites.

Director Philip Cross said the centre will offer multimedia development services to the university's art faculty staff.

“We are offering consulting services for arts faculty departments in areas such as quality assurance and project management,” Cross said.

“But we have a creative bent where we can offer professional Web site development and create serious high-profile sites. We also have program development and our own materials and expertise to create media for television,” he said

Cross said the Arts Digital Centre has plans to offer a commercial service eventually, but plans are on hold until the service “builds our profile internally first”.

“The idea of the centre initially is to create a better environment for academics with [multimedia projects]. We want to remove their limitations by providing the services,” he said.