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VMware upgrades development product, cuts price

VMware has upgraded a tool designed to help development teams work in virtual environments -- and it announced changes to the tool's pricing that could make deployments significantly cheaper.

VMware Lab Manager 3 provides self-service access to software configurations and stacks in virtual environments. It is primarily used by developers, who can access an image library for testing and development work without involving IT in the process of setting up a server.

The new release, announced Monday, will make it easier to involve more people in the development process, said Melinda Wilken, senior director of product marketing. This tool offers support for multiple teams, such as quality and assurance, support and sales, who may be working in different locations, she said.

The tool includes advanced networking capabilities, including a graphical representation of the network, and tighter integration with the VMware's other products.

Another change involves pricing. VMware Lab Manager 3 is now priced at US$1,295 per processor socket, meaning the price is the same regardless of whether the chip being used is a dual- or quad-core processor. Wilken said the per-socket charge is a new approach to pricing that will reduce the cost of setting up an introductory deployment to around $2,000 to $4,000.

Under the earlier pricing scheme, a similar deployment could have cost as much as $16,000.