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Lenovo dives into sub-notebook computing with netbooks

Lenovo has announced it is entering the ultraportable notebook PC or 'netbook' market with the IdeaPad S9 and S10 netbooks. Lenovo designed the super-slim, super-small netbooks to complement a customer's primary Lenovo PC or as a first-time, introductory PC purchase. The netbooks allow users to do simple activities such as connect to the Internet, check and write emails, listen to music and perform basic applications. Approximately one inch thin with models weighing just over two pounds, the IdeaPad netbooks typify thin and light design.

"IdeaPad netbooks are the latest in a string of recently announced Lenovo products, designed specifically for consumers worldwide and developed through our heritage of technological innovation and exceptional engineering," said Liu Jun, senior vice president, Consumer Business Group, Lenovo. "As rapidly as the technology changes, today's consumers are looking for mobile products that feature the best of basic computing functions in an extremely compact and affordable form, and Lenovo designed the IdeaPad netbooks for that purpose."

Consumer demand for netbooks is growing rapidly around the world. IDC forecasts worldwide shipments of ultra-low cost notebooks rising from just 430,000 units in 2007 to 9.2 million in 2012.1

The 8.9-inch screen IdeaPad S9 and 10.2-inch screen IdeaPad S10 netbooks come in glossy flavors of deep blue and ruby red as well as in classic bold black. For a comfortable, more natural computing experience, Lenovo designed the keyboard to be 85 percent of the size of a full-function notebook PC's keyboard, and an energy-efficient LED backlit display helps provide longer battery life than traditional displays.

Using the Intel Atom processor, the IdeaPad netbooks provide basic notebook functionality as a user's secondary PC. The Lenovo netbooks offer up to 1GB of memory and either 80 GB or 160 GB hard disk drive space, making them ideal for accommodating a variety of data, from a user's digital music inventory to a student's homework assignments and more. Lenovo engineered the netbooks to reduce the heat emitted on key contact areas such as the bottom of the PC, the palm rest and the keyboard. Additionally, Lenovo's OneKey Rescue System on Microsoft Windows-based netbooks helps users recover data at the touch of a button should a system error or virus occur. The IdeaPad netbooks will be available in September in India at all Lenovo authorized storefronts.